We hope you would like to join us on our journey, and we look forward to providing you with the same service you have always received - perhaps included extra inspiration along the way. Follow our journey, see where we are and what time it is - then you also know why we might not pick up the phone.
Read more about our plans at the bottom of the page after the world map.

The phone number will be the same as always (+45 20 800 604). Should it
change, you will always be able to find the current number here on this page.


Right now

We are in Granada, Nicaragua.

From May 25, 2020: Not decided as we have to wait and see

We should have been on our way to Panama City on April 26th but flights has been cancelled and just now the country is locked down. We have expanded our stay here in Granada until we know more and can see what options we have.
As soon as we are able to move on, we will
announce future plans.