Pastime and a little fun

Game and fun usung css and js

A tiny little selection of some simple things you can do with a bit of html, css and javescript.
There is no purpose to these examples other than a little pastime.

The impossible button

Perfect when the user wants to turn on a feature, but you do not want it.
This button has a built-in bear that turns the button off again, more and more firmly.


Ask a question

Also for fun - write your yes or no question in the green box - this robot gives you the answer.
Maybe not exactly the answer you want ...

See the Pen Ask Emoji by Jens Peter (@JensPeter) on CodePen.


Tic Tac Toe

Who does not know this simple game? You must reload the page to start the game again.

See the Pen Pure CSS Tic-tac-toe by Jens Peter (@JensPeter) on CodePen.


Memory games

In 3 difficulty levels - how fast can you find the matching pieces? Unfortunately does not work on all mobile versions.

See the Pen Flip - card memory game. by Jens Peter (@JensPeter) on CodePen.


Play drums

Play as a rock star - click the mouse or use the keyboard (click and type 's').

See the Pen SVG Animated Drum Kit (Play Me!) ? by Jens Peter (@JensPeter) on CodePen.