Implementation plan 3

Design of Implementation plan 3

Denmark's Space Statistics - Implementation Plan 3 - is published by the 'Agency for Research and Ennovation' with the purpose of gathering information and giving an overview of the development for the space industry in Denmark including among other things, our cooperation in NESA.

There is a strong focus on the Danish companies that actively develop systems, products and services that either create space data or use data to make life easier for everyone else.

The publication consists of a report that reviews the developments in the space industry in Denmark in 2018 - this is presented together with relevant images and various info-graphics and other graphics that will help to communicate the information and deepen the text.

The result is a report that gives the reader the desire to go deeper into this area and perhaps help to shed light on the many things we as a country are involved in.

Implementation plan 3
Design and layout of report
Danish map of companies in the space industry
Using images to create more variety
Infographics create an overview and make it easier to see context
Self-propelled goods delivery as graphics