Logo for a webshop

Logo for Centrum Beslag

In connection with the acquisition of an older business, the new owner wanted to mark the acquisition and create a more modern image about his new business.
Centrum Beslag has been around for 17 years and has been located in Jutland. In 2019, it was sold to the current owner, who legally took over the business from January 1, 2020 and in that connection moved the company to its new location close to Copenhagen.

Upgrading of the business image was high on the wish list of the new owner - naturally we started with the development of a new logo and based on this we worked out a general style for the new web shop.

The company has a large selection of accessories for doors and windows, including a number of discontinued items.

Based on this and with a need for a logo that could easily be used online on especially Facebook and LinkedIn, we created a stylish clean logo in clear colours.
The center is marked with a cross, as showed on an old chart where the
treasure is buried. In our logo, the cross indicates that with the selection offered, there are many treasures to be found at Centrum Beslag.

Here is the logo and how it is used for business cards.

Visit the webshop at www.centrumbeslag.dk (only on Danish).

Business cards are part of the branding
Marketing will happen a lot on social media - sometimes focusing on branding