Musical in London

Musical: Being Colonel Barker

In these times of corona virus, many things are different than usual. If you are an artist, composer and writer who has written, composed and developed a musical, it is extra difficult because so many theatres are either closed or waiting for better days to set up new plays.

Being Colonel Barker is about a young woman who found it was sometimes easier to be a man. In fact, she did so well that she convinced everyone in Brighton that she was a man. The story is taken from reality and takes place in England back in 1923. In 1929, she was arrested, and at that time, one had to undress before being put in custody, and thereby the authorities discovered that she was a woman.

This assignment was to create a website that will help promote the play and hopefully pave the way for it to be set up. The work includes setting up the Soundcloud account and adding the music, which was then inserted on the site, where you will also find two smaller videos about the project as well as a presentation of the people who recorded the music for this promotion.

Read more about the play at

Website: Being Colonel Barker
Front page: The story about Being Colonel Barker