New opportunities with new website has got a new website

Stevns Entreprenørservice now offers their customers much more information about their products. A new website contains lots of information about which products you can rent or buy. In addition, a number of specifications for the individual products that will be further expanded over time and which customers can always look up and thereby find the machine that matches their task.

We have developed a website that is both easy to navigate and divided so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Focus has been on creating an online presentation that can be developed and grown as needed, and where customers can easily find information - and where it is easy to maintain the information and add new products.

The site is developed in Drupal 8 and offers a number of exciting features in the form of a distinctive design, built-in optimization (SEO), full backend, and the overall solution is secured through one of the market's best CMS systems.

The product display is based on a glossary, and the individual product shows only relevant information that varies depending on which product you are looking at (not relevant information is completely hidden).

In addition, there are a few simple visual techniques used that give the page more life and create attention.

Take a look at the page:, or see the few selected screens below.

Stevns Entreprenørservice with a modern website
A website is not just a website
Logical choices and the user find it easier to find what they are looking for
Mouseover shows the way and makes the choice easier
Presentation with selected information