Plumber gets a new website

Frede Nielsen AS have a new web site

Keep it simple.

Sometimes it's more important than anything else. Keeping it simple promotes the message and keeps focus on what you offer and can solve for your customers. A site that answers the very basics; what do we offer you?

A plumber is many things today and this also applies to Frede Nielsen AS, which covers the areas a modern plumbing company deals with.
We would like to show this simply by highlighting the areas already on the front page and with the opportunity to offer on underlying pages.

Later, there will be references on the page as well, where selected solutions will be presented - but because it is a new web site and a new option they have, they have to take pictures from those first. They will be added during the coming months.

Visit and see our result. And do come back to have a look when the references have been added - it will change the front page as well.

Frede Nielsen VVS - new web site