Prospectus for a new wind farm

An offshore wind farm - Prospectus 2019

When you are invited to design the presentation of Denmark's tender for the next offshore wind farm, it is a task you are looking forward to make.

The task was simple: Make a presentation that will show the world that we are doing this in a modern way in Denmark and that we are open to suggestions and input from the companies that want to participate in the bid for the establishment of an offshore wind farm.

The front page is based on the drawings made for the area showing the depth of the sea, land, location of the park and other parks nearby. The front is a very simplified drawing of this and by using clear colours it also becomes more pronounced. The same section is used further into the presentation in its original edition with the relevant information attached.

Further more a number of drawings have also been developed for this assignment in addition to the use of photographs throughout the publications.

The assignment consisted of a presentation (wide format) and a dialogue material (high format), which should have a similar design but should also be clearly separated, to make it easier for the reader.

In addition, we used the wide format on the invitations as well, which included the program for the dialogue meeting held in that connection. For this meeting, we also made a few roll ups to help set the stage for the meeting.
All of these were based on the same cover art, so there was a clear connection between the different elements.

The reader is primarily companies and / or consortia that may be interested in inviting the task of constructing the offshore wind farm and thus contracting the solution.

The task has been solved for the Danish Energy Agency.

Prospectus for the next offshore wind farm in Denmark
The dialogue paper that was made
The time schedule in the publication
Drawings and graphics support the text and promote understanding
Roll ups with the reuse of the graphics from the covers