Logo that matches advice

The logo Nadia Holmgren
The logo FamilieFlow

The assignment was really simple: Create a logo that communicates my competencies within consulting, courses and lectures, and who will tie the company together. A company that caters to business and organizational customers and families alike.

We look at the new area which aims to approach companies and organizations with courses and lectures on pedagogy and work with children, as well as how to strengthen their family.

The company is Nadia Holmgren. Nadia is known for several book releases, her lectures and the many families she has helped over many years. Nadia runs FamilyFlow, but wants to separate her activities from the families she helps and the companies and organizations she addresses.

The logo is part of the brand she is building under her own name and also consists of a website and must also be used on social media and in her presentations.

The logo is based on a branch with leaves, because Nadia works with children's welfare and the families balance in everyday life. We chose the branch with the many leaves as an expression of growth, diversity and strength towards the people with whom Nadia works.

The same branch and leaves form the basis of two logos - one for the professional market and the other for her work with the families.