Partnership in education

Space-related education - a logo that gathers

The office working with space under the Ministry of Education and Research is working to promote Denmark's potential in space research and to improve the chance for Danish researchers to participate in space research assignments within the EU, ESA and across the various institutions in Denmark.

In connection with a new effort in this area, where the wishe to gather the forces around a more common Danish appearance, a more formalized collaboration has been concluded across the various research units we have in Denmark.

We call it Partnership in Space-related Education. The purpose is to help the individual unit to access new projects, become part of larger projects or develop their own research through cross-collaboration.

In this context, we developed a logo that each participant can use to show that they are part of something bigger and nationwide. It will be incredibly exciting to follow the area in the coming years.

The task has been solved for the Ministry of Education and Research.