Personal political website

Responsive and with smart web, so you can straighten the page directly

Everything has a first time - and this website is the first time I've designed for a politician.

Lars Goldschmidt is a danish Social Democrat and asked for a website to support his political work in connection with the coming municipal elections and subsequently. The site must be a mouthpiece for him and allow everyone to gain an insight into his work and background.

Of course, his political point of view should be clear, but at the same time the site should also indicate that the page is a personal one made by him. It is prepared to allow visitors to comment on news and brand issues - a feature that is currently off but may be activated later.

The 'Smart web system' also allows you to add new pages that can be dynamically built up according to need and desire - and in a way that he can do it himself.

You make corrections directly on the page

The website is built up in Drupal and with a smart-web add-on that makes it particularly easy to maintain and expand.

The owner logs in and then clicks around the page as a regular visitor - but now with the editing tool active.

The Smart-web system allows you to directly align the text on the page by clicking with the mouse, where you want to change or add a text.

Find these pictures larger further down on this page

Ad elements to pages by drag and drop

You can also build the page with a number of different areas and insert the content as needed. The page displays a series of icons that open up a large number of functions.

For example, click on the + sign, and a menu opens where you can choose to insert a new area - could be one with text, image or based on different layouts that show an excerpt from other pages as well as many others.

Find dette billede større nederst på siden

Find these pictures larger further down on this page

The technical things is manages by the robot behind

News and Tags are unique page formats, so Lars Goldschmidt should only focus on the content and leave the entire structure to the system - including menu, cover page and list view.

Of course, search engine optimization tools are integrated, and of course, the page is responsive.

You can visit the website at

Lars Goldschmidt - Social Democrat - personal political website
Front page and presentation of topic with menu on the left
News and issues are part of the front page and change automatically
Key interests is a second list - incl. topic menu
The news is listed with latest first
The content is managed with the smart web directly on the page
Click on the toolbar and add new areas to the page
Choose from many area types incl. some to specially set up