Secure data and files on your website

Secure your data

You often get the feeling that everything is free and available online, but the reality is that the Internet is used for far more things than most people are aware of.

I have developed several websites that contain information intended for a specific group of people, because the information on the site is either industry specific or is data that is worked with in another context in connection with improving or optimizing products.

Documents and photos

If you need to save documents that are then linked to from a page (also applies to images), these must be protected. Many systems forget this and the result can be that the file is available for others. For example, unprotected files can be indexed on Google and can later be found by a search. Or, for example, a link to a document can be shared with others via email and thereby give that person access, etc.

My solutions protect images and files so that you can not access them without logging in to the site.
Even if a person shares a link, the link will not work.

Text and data

Several of the websites I have built use data import from for example Excel. The customer can import data himself and when the data is imported, it will be locked to the page. Many do not protect the file that is used for the import.

I solve this by protecting the import files in the same way as the other documents. In addition, the customer can delete the imported file when the import was complete.

So online security is more than just a password.

Remember to protect your data

  1. Secure documents from being shared via links
  2. Ensure that Google does not index the file 
  3. Secure images in the same way as documents
  4. Be able to delete work files / temporary files.

I would have liked to have shown some of the functions in the form of screenshots, from the sites I have made, but the confidentiality of those sites means that I can only show very little, but hope it still gives you an idea about the possibilities.

If you have any questions or wish to collaborate on your project, feel free to contact me.

A secure website is not about the password