Only a short list of the assignments we have made during the last years. Click on the categories to show only references within the selected category.

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The Space Office has developed a partnership program, which is divided into two areas; Companies within space research and development as well as the field of education.
This book have only been released in Danish. It is about how modern businesses needs to be more focused on customers and how reaction and problem solving is very important today.
The graphics made in connection with a text around the GDPR, where the client wanted to show that there is more to GDPR than most people think.
A graphical representation of the services offered. The graphics are made so that it can be used both on the company website, but also on print and the social media.
The drawing show that as an authority in Denmark they want to make it easy for private companies to participate in large scale tenders.
A 3 x 3.5 meter banner hung up on the wall inside the new post terminal, which will help everyone succeed with the workplace vision.
A small series was made, where the graphics were used instead of the traditional photo of the people.