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Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has worked on creating partnerships that connect Danish companies better together so Danish research in space can be strengthened.
The center is marked with a cross, as showed on an old chart where the treasure is buried. In our logo, the cross indicates that with the selection offered, there are many treasures to be found at Centrum Beslag.
We call it Partnership in Space-related Education. The purpose is to help the individual unit to access new projects, become part of larger projects or develop their own research through cross-collaboration.
It is about connections - whether it is between people and companies, or whether it is between networks and equipment - and that is precisely why the logo got its design. Connections create results and the imaginary circle indicates a full coverage mix.
The assignment: Create a logo that communicates skills within consulting, courses and lectures, and who will tie the company together. A company that caters to business and organizational customers and families alike.
CMC Denmark changes the organization, which, based on the CMC network, opens up for others. They now call themselves 'Connecting Management Consultants', and here is their new logo.
Biltilbehø is a popular webshop for accessories for cars, trucks, tractors and buses that focus on both a strong price, large selection and you have the opportunity to get personalized service and help with your purchases.
The city, which is visited by many thousands of tourists in the summer, has a shop with visual glass and handicraft - and it has a logo inspired by the sun setting, the seagulls on the harbor and the coastline, because the coast is a very large part of the city.
eyedrone needed a logo that could help them be remembered and that would set them apart from the competition - judge yourself.
The ambition is to strengthen knowledge sharing and learn from each other's experiences across a broad comb, to ensure the continued development of wind energy in Europe.