Only a short list of the assignments we have made during the last years. Click on the categories to show only references within the selected category.

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The style of the publication is based on previous designs but with a clear different colour scheme in addition to more text. The colours in this publication are based on the Danish Energy Agency's colour spectra.
The Space Office has developed a partnership program, which is divided into two areas; Companies within space research and development as well as the field of education.
A design of a presentation that show the world that we are doing this tender in a modern way in Denmark - included a wide format presentation, a high format presentation, an invitation and roll ups.
This book have only been released in Danish. It is about how modern businesses needs to be more focused on customers and how reaction and problem solving is very important today.
Graphs are a natural part of any statistic. We focused on making them simpler visually and easier to read; more info-graphics were also developed for this assignment.
Denmark's space statistics collects information and gives an overview of the development for the space industry in Denmark. There is a strong focus on the Danish companies.
A product catalog of their vehicle rentals, containing information about size, functions and ranges - information relevant to construction sites when their customer needs to find the correct machine for a job.
Design and layout of the strategy for cyber and information security within the energy sector was kept simple and using colors to help create coherence and separate topics at the same time.