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A website for an organization that supports and helps local businesses in Crawley and Gatwick - typically members are shops, restaurants, bars and the like.
The musical Defining Dr Minor tells the story of an American military doctor who, in a fit of madness, accidentally killed a person in London in 1872 and came to mean a great deal to The Oxford English Dictionary.
Sometimes it's more important to keep it simple than anything else. Keeping it simple promotes the message and keeps focus on what you offer and can solve for your customers. A site that answers the very basics; what do we offer you?
Do you have control over the security and protection of the files and data stored behind a login on your website? Surprisingly many do not. I build websites that are secure and where documents can be truly secured.

In these times of corona virus, many things are different than usual. If you are an artist, composer and writer who has written, composed and developed a musical, it is extra difficult because so many theatres are either closed or waiting for better days to set up new plays.

We have developed a website that is both easy to navigate and divided so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Focus has been on creating an online presentation that can be developed and grown as needed.
The 'Smart Web system' also allows you to add new pages that can be dynamically built up according to need and desire - and in a way that you can do it yourself.